Powerhouse Hamburg on the trail of Joseph Pilates

Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-01 um 11.26.29Inaugural Conference of the Pilates Teacher Association on the Isle of Man where Joseph Pilates was once forced to work as a prisoner of war – an event that Bernd Wohlfahrt and I could not ignore. On July 13th we landed on the small airport close tot he island’s capital Douglas.  Our home fort he following three days: a castlelike building on the ground of King Williams College which would make a suitable setting for a Harry Potter movie. Big hello. We met old friends and made exciting new contacts in the international Pilates community. What a vibe! The presenters Kathi Ross-Nash, Junghee Won, Blossom Crawford und Alison Salmond were there, the host Lesley McPherson of course, Sean Gallagher gave amazing insights into his research about the history of physical training, Javier Perez Pont presented his Pilates biography and the corresponding movie. To put a long story short: One highlight was followed by the other.

Particularly emotional was the visit in the Knockaloe Camp. Here Joseph Pilates worked in the hospital as a prisoner during World War I. Alison Jones showed us around and we got to know more about the influence Joseph had on the patients. Locals told us that their grand parents exercised after Pilates’ advices even decades after he left. We felt so much Pilates energy in the air and at the same time we were deeply moved by the stories this camp held from the time of war.

On the evening of July 17th the Inaugural Conference of the Pilates Teacher Association ended with a gala diner an a party. Full of inspiration we boarded our little prop airliner again and sauntered back to Hamburg. It’s crazy how intensive this experience on the Isle of Man is still working in our minds even though we’ve just been there for three days. One thing I know for sure since I am back: The next Inaugural Conference has to take place in Hamburg where Joseph worked with police men after World War I and before he went to New York.

From today on we will do everything to get the international Pilates community to Hamburg. Promise!

Tony Rockoff

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